Drip Bags of Bali Baby Blend


Drip Bags of Bali Baby Blend

Drip Bags of Bali Baby Blend Regular price Rp 175.000

Expat. Roasters Drip bag Baby Blend single use filter 10gr box of 8/12 pcs
(Single use coffee filter and ground coffee 100% from Indonesia)


Treacle sweet, innocent yet complex, our BALI BABY is a great example of what island life is all about. The luscious tropical fruits of Bali are highlighted through a variety of five Balinese beans coming together to create something special, all adding their own individiual magic and a new level of flavour.

BALI BABY is clean, fruity and juicy and has been roasted to enjoy as an espresso or filter coffee.

This beautiful artwork is a collaboration with local artist Dwyma Adinatha. Dwyma is a visual and mural artist inspired by the female figure, Balinese and pop culture