Expat. Roasters Launches a Limited Edition Coffee Variety with a Futuristic Flavour

Bali, March 14th, 2023 – Specialty coffee producer  Expat. Roasters today launched a limited edition coffee series, Utopia, at their Brew Bar in Petitenget, Bali. 

The Utopia series takes the concept of a gateway to the future. It represents futuristic coffee aromas, flavours, and characters as well as innovative processing methods that global farmers are using. 

According to Shae Macnamara, founder, Expat. Roasters, the Utopia series will offer three different beans from different regions and processed using unique and innovative techniques.

“The first of the series is the Voyager,  which has a very unique, exotic taste and the most incredible aroma, think bubblegum and fairy floss,” says Shae. 

“The beans used in this are from Colombia. They have been processed using a dry anaerobic fermentation process and then fermented together with peaches and grape ragu to produce an extraordinary and unique coffee experience.

“The idea behind this series of concepts is to show both the current and future integrated space of Expat. Roasters within the coffee industry.  It aligns with our vision to strive and deliver the highest coffee quality through innovation, standards and services globally for all coffee communities and professionals,” said Shae. 

Expat. Roasters has been known as a leader of specialty coffee in Bali which has successfully gone international.  Since opening in 2016, Expat. Roasters has worked closely with farmers, producers, and baristas to provide high-quality coffee throughout Bali and other cities in Indonesia.