Expat. Roasters Launches New Omni-Range
June 2022, Bali – On Thursday, June 9  Expat. Roasters launched a brand new coffee and invited coffee professionals from around Bali to enjoy different roasting profiles all using the Omni technique.   Omni is a roasting technique highlighting the natural...
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Our New Omni-Range is Here!
In recent years, specialty coffee consumers introduced a new coffee roasting process called "Omni roast." Omni roasting is a special technique used to develop the coffee enough to be appropriate for both espresso and filter brewing methods. It highlights the...
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Coffee by Donation
Expat. Roasters Australia is collaborating with La Marzocco for a one day, coffee by donation event to raise funds for those in need in Bali. On Thursday, 3 June from 8am-12pm at La Marzocco HQ (1b, 32 Ralph Street, Alexandria)...
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