Expat. Roasters Opens Third Store in Surabaya

22 AUGUST 2023, BY GLOBAL COFFEE  REPORT - Specialty coffee producer Expat. Roasters opened a third store in Surabaya, Indonesia on 19 August 2023.

This marks the brand’s first location outside of Bali. According to Expat. Roasters, the expansion further solidifies its commitment to providing exceptional coffee experiences to the vibrant coffee culture of Indonesia.

“We are absolutely delighted to open our third store in Surabaya,” says Shae Macnamara, Founder and CEO of Expat. Roasters.

“Surabaya has a rich coffee culture, and we are thrilled to contribute to its growth by offering our unique range of specialty coffees. We have been overwhelmed by the support and love we have received from the Surabayan community, and we look forward to welcoming both our loyal customers and new faces to our newest store.”

Located in the heart of Surabaya, the Expat. Roasters store has a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. The company says the architecturally designed space offers an immersive coffee experience, coupled with exceptional customer service and an international cuisine.

Customers can expect a wide selection of blends and premium single-origin coffees, brewed using various brewing methods, including pour-over, espresso, and cold brew.

In addition to its coffee offerings, the Surabaya store will feature a curated all-day dining menu, showcasing a fusion of local and international flavours. From locally baked pastries, sandwiches, burgers, and a kimchi fried rice alongside classic brunch favourites.

The Brew Bar was designed by WHAstudio in collaboration with Sydney-based X plus O Design Studio.

“My vision for the Brew Bar was to create a space that not only celebrates the art of coffee-making but also elevates the entire coffee-drinking experience. Working in collaboration with X plus O Design Studio, we aimed to design a contemporary and immersive atmosphere that would captivate coffee enthusiasts and create a haven for their passion, with a touch of Bali,” says Wilson Harkhono, Principal Architect at WHAstudio.

“The architectural design is a reflection of Expat. Roasters’ commitment to excellence, and I am thrilled to be a part of this remarkable project.”

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