Our New Omni-Range is Here!

Bali, June 9th 2022 - In recent years, specialty coffee consumers introduced a new coffee roasting process called "Omni roast." Omni roasting is a special technique used to develop the coffee enough to be appropriate for both espresso and filter brewing methods. It highlights the natural attributes without focusing on one style of coffee making. It's often called the 'sweet spot,' not too dark, not too light, enough sweetness, enough acidity, and holding the body. 

Often used as a single origin in specialty coffee around the world Expat. Roasters have decided to launch a range of not only single origins but also blends that can be used for manual brewing and espresso brewing alike. "Taking a single origin and roasting it into this Omni-roast is an interesting way of understanding coffee and experiencing coffee science. It suits all brewing types, Mokapot, V60, French press even for tubruk – Indonesian traditional coffee style, says founder of Expat. Roasters, Shae Macnamara.

"Whether you brew it as manual brew or espresso, you will get a nice level of acidity, with complexity in the flavour.” 

Expat. Roasters' new range of Omni roasted coffees were created based on the appreciation of traditional processed coffees from Sumatra and then blended with selected origins from Bali and Toraja. "We can expect smooth flavour with less body when we brew it as espresso and full-bodied through manual brew methods without compromising the quality when you go with black or white coffee. Omni-roast aims for a balanced flavour to provide flexibility for your coffee," said Yande, Expat. Roasters Head of Training and Brand Ambassador.

This new range will be available in store and online from June 10, 2022.

Make sure you get yours and try the magical characteristic that Omni offers for your daily coffee.


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