Ceado Life X Coffee Grinder

Ceado Life X Coffee Grinder Regular price Rp 11.800.000

ife X Coffee Grinder
Geometry for espresso and filter coffee!

The Ceado Life X adds to the versatility, performance, and affordability of the Life by improving the user interface and improving the grinding performance for a wider range of grind and cleaner extractions with all brew methods

Technical Data
Voltage : 220-240V - 50-60Hz
Power : 250W
Rpm 50hz/60hz : 1380 / 1650
Average output(g/s) : calculated at standard
Italian Espresso Consistency : 1,5 (50hz) / (60hz)
Dimensions : 150 x 200 x 360h mm
Weight : 5.5 kg
Gross weight : 6 kg
Burrs : ø50 Blind burrs hard steel 100 cr6
Hopper capacity : 250 g
Grinding adjustment: Micrometrical stepless
Dose setting : Digital
Display : Touch
Start : Pulse Button

- An ally forever : If you’re passionate about coffee or love beautiful things, you can always depend on life. Built to last using high-quality, durable materials, it makes preparing any kind of coffee child’s play. Don’t be afraid to dare!
- Sustainability : The zero-retention bellows for single-dose grinds, and low energy consumption cutting-edge technology, ensure reduced environmental impact and less coffee waste.
- Touch display : With just one touch you’ll have coffee ground from fresh beans, together with that irresistible flavour and aroma. Its intuitive touch display lets you grind your coffee just how you like it.
- Let’s start brewing : life is perfect for grinding beans to make whatever type of coffee you desire. A delicious coffee grind for pour-over brewing, using the Chemex or V60 for example, or a classic espresso or a morning cappuccino.

Settings were best suited for the methods listed below

9 - Batch brew coffee maker/ cupping/ Flat bottom pour over
8 - Hoop Coarse/ V60 pour over/ Siphon
7 - Hoop Medium-coarse/ V60 pour over
6 - Hoop Medium-fine/ Aeropress
5 - Hoop fine/Aeropress
4 - Aeropress Prismo
3 - Moka pot
2 - Espresso
1 - Espresso

Warranty : 1 Year
Made in Italy

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