Espresso Machine Cleaner 300gr

Espresso Machine Cleaner 300gr Regular price Rp 166.500

Expat. Roasters Espresso Machine Cleaner

Features :
- Easy to use
- Remove light/heavy coffee stains
- Dissolving and preventing hidden mineral deposits/time scale
Can be used for various coffee machines/coffee equipment

How to use :
For Everyday Use: Put 3 gr Espresso Machine Cleaner into the brew basket. Run the brew cycle until it's finished and hold it down. Wipe off the solution and any remaining residue. Rinse all parts with clean water.

For Soak Portafilters, Screens, and Dip Trays: Dissolve 10 gr of Espresso Machine Cleaner with 700 ml of hot water. Soak the parts in the solution for 10-30 minutes. Rinse all parts with plenty of water.

For Backflush (Group Heads): Put 3 gr of Espresso Machine Cleaner into the portafilter with a blank filter, then place it on the group head. Run a brew cycle for 10 seconds and pause 10 seconds, then repeat a number of times. Clean the portafilter from the group head, run the brew cycle again and rinse the portafilter with steam from the stop cycle group head. Replace the portafilter then repeat the brew cycle (10 seconds running and 10 seconds) stop as many times. Rinse and remove all (residue) by brewing one cup of coffee and then throwing it away.

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